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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Design and Technology (DT)

Our children study Design and technology throughout their time at Kingsway Junior School. This is studied in rotation to Art and design. Our children have opportunities to problem solve, analyse and evaluate ideas to produce their individual products. The curriculum is shaped to give them a broad overview of the multiple Design and Technology which include using a wider variety of media, materials and processes in design. As well as the design based disciplines our children have the opportunity to learn about food technology and the importance of a varied and balanced diet.


In Year 3 our children investigate the use of materials to create structures, they use found materials to produce models of Stone Age houses. This incorporates their knowledge of strengthening, construction in 3D, cutting, shaping and producing appropriate textures. Following on in the year from this, our year 3 children produce moving pictures and cards. They experiment with hinges and movement forces in their design work. They are introduced to a selection of materials in this year such as card, paper and clay, our children are given independence to manipulate these resources to cut, join, strengthen and construct.


Our children in year 4 expand further on their use of materials, including sculpture with found objects and extending their knowledge on creating products using clay. This gives them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of joins, producing artefacts and constructions methods that are fit for purpose in response to the material.  Our children have opportunities to investigate design in greater depth participating in the Royal Opera House design challenge, where they work as Set Designers. This brings a unique opportunity to contextualise Design and Technology into career roles and working for performance. Year 4 also have the opportunity to investigate food from Greece culture as part of their Greek day for History.


In Year 5 our children increase their knowledge further using Papier Mache, where in small teams they construct model planets in conjunction with our Science project. This new working method brings challenges during the different stages of wet to dry working. Our children also need to develop their team working skills to ensure that the dried product has sufficient structural integrity. Our children in year 5 investigate and expand their food technology knowledge joined with their Geography project and research food seasonality, sources, climates, growing conditions and cultural identity from different continents.


During Year 6 our children venture further into design, specifically for their end of year production. This continues into set and props construction where they work in teams and independently to produce items for performance. They use their knowledge from the entire key stage to select methods, materials and their suitability for the artefacts being produced. Year 6 also investigate food via their wider curriculum investigating the origins of Chocolate in conjunction with their Mayans project. Our Year 6 children also participate in a Textiles project, constructing a group quilt for the Schools Competition at The Festival of Quilts. This gives them additional knowledge of working methods using materials and textiles. Our children learn via demonstrations and are encouraged to be creative and develop innovative and individual ideas.


Our children also have the opportunity to learn further about Design and technology at the Art and DT club throughout the year.


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