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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Lunch Menus

Please find below the Pupil’s Choice Menu


Please note the Yellow/ Chilled lunch option will be served on a plate, children can then choose vegetables, salad and dessert.


Please note if your child has never taken school meals with us before, please speak to the school office prior to commencement of meals. If your child has food allergies of any kind, you must visit the HCL website and complete the online application.


If you know your child will be late due to an appointment then please let the office know and choose a lunch option. 

The choice of dinners may be restricted, if you have not advised us in advance


The children choose for themselves each morning. This is standard practice in most schools and continues our drive to develop their independence.

Teachers will be aware of any dietary requirements to assist in the children’s choices. 

You do not need to send this form into school, it is for advice only.


Dinner Money must be paid in advance via School Gateway. 

Meals cost £3.30 per day.


Free School Meals Number 0300 1234 034 or

Free School Meals cannot be backdated, so please ensure you apply prior to requesting meals.

Summer Menu 2024

HCL Special Menus


To apply for a Special Menu please see below



HCL Price Increase

Developing confident, enthusiastic and happy learners