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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Physical Education (PE)

At Kingsway Junior we aim to provide each child with a broad, balanced base of activities and enjoyable experiences which can progressively lead to selective specialisation and successful participation throughout the school years and beyond.


Our PE/Sports Philosophy

  • To utilize sports, physical education and activities as a means to promote the social, mental and physical well-being of our learners.
  • To encourage children at all levels to participate in sporting activities with the intention of developing our learners holistically.
  • Through physical activity we aim to provide the children with the skills to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.
  • To develop basic skills, knowledge and sportsmanship in the primary years, moving towards enhancing skills and ability in later years.
  • To ensure that engagement and learning come from enjoyable, worthwhile experience.
  • To involve our children by having ‘fun’ as well as developing technique, potential and talent.
  • To use sport as a ‘tool’ in the development of teamwork, team morale, discipline, perseverance, character and leadership skills.
  • To make a difference for the learners not only in the skills & knowledge they learn but also to the life lessons that they learn through playing sport.



Watch this page for action pictures of our children taking part in the many exciting PE competitions this year.

Year 5 District finals Cross Country

Year 5/6 Boys Football

Year 6 Girls Football

Year 5/6 Boys Football

Year 5 Fun Run 2023/24

Annual Sports Day 2023

Year 5 Cross Country District Finals 2023

Netball League Team 2022/23

Year 5 Fun Run 2022/23

Year 4 TriGolf Family Festival 2022

Annual Sports Day 2022

Year 5 Junior Games Maker 2022

Year 6 Kwik Cricket Family Festival 2022

Developing confident, enthusiastic and happy learners