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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Who's Who

Introducing the staff at our school.

PositionNameSubject Leadership
HeadteacherMs J Beale 

Teaching and Learning

Environment and Motivation
Curriculum Development
Health & Safety
Community Cohesion


Deputy DSP

SLTMrs L Martin - Acting Deputy Head 







Mrs A Akers - INCO

DSP - Child Protection 

ECT tutor 

Behaviour and Wellbeing 

Mental Health  Lead

Work experience placements and mentor 

Pupil leadership teams



Inclusion Leader (SEND, Pupil Premium, EAL), Deputy DSP

Year 6 TeachersMiss S Emmanuel (Monarchs)


Mrs L Martin (Emperors)

Deputy Headteacher, English Lead, and Lead DSL

Year 5 TeachersMrs S Tokeria (Archers)Maths
Mrs T Darwood (Knights)

Art, Design and Technology

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs A Akers(Crowns) 

SEND, Pupil Premium, EAL, Deputy DSP 
Mrs NettoPE, Art and DT
Mrs Z Lukina (Shields)Music
Year 3 TeachersMiss Lawrence (Palace) 
Miss G Carter (Castles)Science, PSHE/RSE,  choir

Support Teachers

Ms S Robinson 

History and Geography, phonics, Pupil leadership teams

Mrs J NettoPE, Art + DT
HLTAMrs L HallahanSpanish teacher
Teaching Assistants

Mr T Dolling
Mrs D Kilroy

Mrs V Dunton

Mrs L Nelson

Mrs S Starr

Mr S Bath

Mrs L Hallahan 

Miss G Tona

Mrs M McHugh

Miss G Griffiths

Pastoral Support WorkerMrs B Salfarlie 
CaretakerMr S McHugh 
CleanersMiss T Upson 
Office Manager

Mrs T Knowles 

Office AdminMiss S Kennedy 
Lunchtime Supervision

Mr T Dolling

Mrs V Dunton

Mrs L Nelson

Mr S Bath

Miss G Tona

Mrs B Salfarlie

Mrs M McHugh

We are developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.