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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Governors core behaviour principles

Core Behaviour Principles


· All children and adults have the right to feel safe, secure and cared for.

· Children and adults should do their upmost to apply the school values, especially in their work and behaviour.

· The Governors would like to see that school rewards are consistently and fairly applied and that they encourage good behaviour for learning and good behaviour around the school

· Sanctions must also be applied fairly, consistently, proportionally and reasonably, taking in to account SEND, disability and the needs of vulnerable children and offering support as necessary

· A child’s individual needs should not be prioritised above the safety, welfare or education of the majority.

· The Governors feel that exclusions, particularly those that are permanent, must only be used as the very last resort

· We believe in an inclusive environment where all children and adults are valued in a positive learning environment.

· We embrace diversity and promote equality of opportunity.

· The school must have an age appropriate Home-School agreement which sets out the responsibilities of the school, child and parent.

· We work with parents and carers to understand children and their circumstances in order to ensure our school is an inclusive school

· The Governors expect pupils and parents to cooperate to maintain an orderly climate

· The Governors wish to emphasise that violence, threatening behaviour or abuse by parents or pupils towards the school staff will not be tolerated

· The governors will not tolerate any form of bullying. Where this occurs, children should be given the opportunity and the support to express regret, forgiveness and reconciliation


Developing confident, enthusiastic and happy learners