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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.


Writing at Kingsway


At Kingsway, we teach all aspects of writing skills including composition, handwriting, spelling, grammar  and vocabulary.  


When composing their own texts, children are shown how to plan, edit, redraft and revise their writing. This initially takes the form of red-pen editing and in some cases, work is presented in a final redrafted form for display or publication.


Composition - we use books and themes to give us ideas for writing


Every half-term, classes focus on a different high-quality book in order to stimulate ideas for writing in a range of different text-types. Our writing outcomes focus on  the main genres of  persuading, explaining, informing or entertaining. 


The additional advantage of sharing a quality text in English lessons is that it supports children in accessing books and authors that they might not be familiar with and hence support them in extending and broadening their book choices. Some of the books we have used include titles by writers such as Anthony Horowitz, Phillip Pullman, David Almond, William Shakespeare and many others.


In addition to using  carefully-chosen books to inspire our writing, we also plan a whole host of exciting themes to stimulate our writing in many creative ways such as  poetry weeks, picture-book weeks, art weeks (when the whole school studies a piece of art and creates a piece of writing linked to the art-work).

We celebrate Shakespeare week by allocating a different  Shakespeare story to each year-group and plan writing that shows our understanding of the story and enables us to use all the writing skills we’ve learnt.


Handwriting    is taught using a standard, fluent  handwriting font.  In younger year-groups, handwriting is taught and practiced regularly. In older year-groups, additional support is given to pupils that need further practice opportunities. As pupils’ handwriting progresses, encouragement is offered through pen-licences. Children strive hard to achieve their licence and their sense of pride is evident when the licences are awarded.


Spelling    Children are taught spelling using the Kingsway  spelling plans, which are based on national curriculum expectations. We teach spelling rules and patterns in a progressive, sequential manner from Year 3 to Year 6.  The weekly spelling pattern or rule is set for homework in differentiated spelling lists. Children have the opportunity to revise earlier learning and are encouraged to challenge themselves towards learning trickier spelling.

Spelling is assessed weekly and teachers will also assess pupils’ spelling ability in their written work..


Grammar and Punctuation   As children progress through Kingsway Juniors, they learn more and more about English grammar and punctuation. These skills are covered in every English lesson and children are encouraged to use their new skills when writing.  Each year-group has their own grammar curriculum which builds on previous years. Teachers regularly revisit aspects of grammar as needed whilst continuing to help children use more advanced skills across the year.


Vocabulary    The teaching of new vocabulary is integrated into all lessons. Children have access to dictionaries and thesauruses, and are encouraged to broaden their vocabulary and use a rich vocabulary in their writing. The texts used in English lessons give regular opportunities for teachers to enhance pupils’ vocabulary.


How can I help my child with their writing at home?


  • Read over any written homework   When your child does any writing for homework, parents/carers are encouraged to read over the writing with their child to help them look for and correct any basic mistakes in spelling or punctuation. We have a link below which lists some of  the writing skills you might look out for with your child.


  • Learning spellings   Support your child with the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check approach to learning their spellings. If they are finding some words tricky, have a look at the link below to see a whole host of spelling activities that you can try with your child.


  • Handwriting  Click the link below to see the handwriting font that we teach children to use in school. Remind them to present their written work using their best handwriting.

Developing confident, enthusiastic and happy learners