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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.


English at Kingsway


At Kingsway we promote a love and enjoyment for learning in English and believe that all children can achieve, as speaking, reading and writing are such important life skills!


Our aim is that no child, regardless of their ability or background, leaves the school not being able to read and therefore put a huge emphasis on the reading curriculum in order to develop our children as readers. We promote a love of reading and it is a priority of the school.


We follow sequences of learning produced by Herts for Learning, allowing pupils to access a text based curriculum which encompasses the three key areas of English: reading, writing and speaking and listening. Children are given endless opportunities to develop and improve these skills in their daily English lesson taught through the use of a high quality text.

The skills of becoming a competent reader, writer and speaker / listener are part of every lesson that is taught whether that be a maths lesson, a science lesson or an art lesson.


We celebrate World Book Day every year, but celebrate books and reading every day!


Our children are exposed to a range of text types as part of their English lessons and as part of their Guided Reading lessons ensuring that they are familiar with a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Teachers also read to their classes, again choosing high-quality texts designed to inspire and enthuse.


Through our English lessons and all the work we do with reading, we want to transport children to a land where only their imaginations can take them!


As a school we took part a whole school poetry workshop where each class came up with their own stanza about reading. At the end of the day the whole school performed their poem with confidence and actions. See below our whole school poem about Reading! 


We Love to Read


I love books

The magic they hold

Can only be unlocked

If the story is told

Roald Dahl writes our favourite books

The twits are vicious, horrible crooks!

James & the Giant Peach, the BFG & Witches

His books have us all in stiches!


Jeff Kinney’s books are funny and smart

His illustrations are fantastic art

His storys are really clever

I want to keep reading forever and ever!


Tom Fletcher writes imaginative books

His stories have creative hooks

with funny characters & worlds

we can’t wait to see how it unfolds!


Lenny Henry’s Books are very good

He writes about his childhood

The book of legends and the boy with wings

we love his imagination and lots of other things!


Big john the giant has a kind heart

For breakfast he has a big Jam tart!

He has a greedy friend called Jack

Who steals Johns harp and goose in his sack!


Matilda Wormwood is smart & small

But her confidence is rather tall!

She loves to read and go to school

Her mind-blowing powers make her really cool!


Skellig is pale and really old

His garage is rickety and full of mould!

Squeaky voiced and giant wings on his back

Whilst eating bluebottles in his suit of black!


Hermione Granger is very brave

She won’t be bossed around like a slave

She’s very clever and always has a plan

She will get you out of bother if she can!


I love books

The magic they hold

Can only be unlocked

If the story is told



Developing confident, enthusiastic and happy learners