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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.


Geography at Kingsway Junior


At Kingsway, we follow the National curriculum for geography. We start close to home with our local area and extend over the Key Stage to South America and beyond. By the end of Year 6, pupils will have gained the knowledge to understand the world around them, through both human and physical geography, and the skills to explore the our planet independently. The curriculum is planned to develop children’s understanding in a ‘near-to-far’ approach- beginning with a local study and, with each unit moving further away from home, each unit building on skills of the previous and of knowledge from history lessons.

 Units are also planned in conjunction with other subject leaders to develop cross-curricular links with History, English, Art and Music. We take into consideration the varied cultural capital that our children arrive in Year 3 with, never assuming knowledge and always nurturing curiosity.



We use an enquiry based approach to learning, acknowledging that an important aspect of the geography curriculum is geographical skills as well as knowledge. Children collect data and interpret sources of information to build their own knowledge in every year group. Teachers research the unit that they will teach well in advance of planning, in order to be able to address misconceptions effectively and make links for children, following threads of curiosity if needed. The subject leader is always available to support with subject knowledge if needed. Every unit includes an off-site visit to an expert or a visitor in to the school. Key concepts are presented on knowledge mats for each pupil, which are referred to throughout the unit. Objectives are organised in an order which promotes revisiting and progression, both across the key stage and within individual units, with concepts and knowledge being referred to through all subjects. These links to the wider curriculum promote discussion and cross-curricular understanding. Teachers continually assess children’s knowledge and understanding through pre-teach assessment, during lessons and through marking, adapting plans to address misconceptions. A post unit assessment is carried out to review progression and inform further planning. Locational knowledge is revisited in every year group through all subjects and is displayed on maps and globes in each classroom. This allows pupils to understand links between places, be able to apply them fluently in a variety of contexts and embed knowledge into long term memory.



Our broad, rich curriculum allows pupils to have a deep knowledge and understanding of individual areas and how they link together. We are aware that our disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND often enter the school with less cultural capital regarding geography. Teachers ensure that lessons are differentiated to meet these children’s needs, pre-teaching taking place to build knowledge, with the most disadvantaged receiving discounted trip and visitor costs to ensure access to impactful, real-life learning experiences. Knowledge and skills are presented in a variety of ways to ensure all children, regardless of reading ability, are able to access learning. In this way we prepare all of our children, regardless of background, for their secondary education.




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