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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.


History at Kingsway Junior


Curriculum intent

At Kingsway our children receive a broad and ambitious History curriculum, grounded in the chronological enquiry into events and peoples of Great Britain, Europe and The Americas. In Year 3, children learn about the Stone Age, moving through time and the Key Stage to exploring World War One in Year 6. By the end of the Key Stage, pupils will be able to plan and carry out their own enquiry into an area of history and link new knowledge to previously learnt facts and concepts in History to other subjects across the curriculum. History skills and knowledge are revisited throughout the Key Stage, each skill being developed further as the children progress through the Year Groups.


Although pupils arrive at Kingsway with a diverse cultural capital, we believe that exploring History chronologically provides a clear framework for each child to build on. History learning is threaded through all areas of the curriculum, through carefully planning, allowing pupils to access it in a variety of ways and consolidate learning. Connections to Geography learning are particularly strong, providing children with a clear understanding of when and where events happened around the world. During literacy lessons, careful planning ensures that children work with challenging and engaging texts that explore their current learning in History.


Trips or visitors into school each half term allow all children to share a real life experience, further enhancing their understanding and knowledge of the unit of learning.


Curriculum Implementation

Teachers at Kingsway are passionate about passing on their in depth understanding of the areas of History that their children are exploring, as well as a broader understanding of how historical events and peoples are connected. As our History curriculum has been in place for several years, teachers are confident in their subject knowledge, are supported in researching further and receive training in areas that are new to them.


Key concepts are presented to pupils clearly through a chronological curriculum, knowledge mats, revisiting previously learnt skills, cross-curricular learning and real life experiences. Teachers systematically plan discussion around continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity, difference and significance.


At the beginning of each unit, teachers assess pupils understanding and adapt plans to meet their needs. Throughout lessons, teachers address misconceptions in the moment and adapt lessons to ensure a clarity of understanding. A post-learning assessment of children’s understanding of skills and knowledge is carefully planned to ensure that all skills are checked throughout each year group and across the Key Stage.


To ensure pupils embed knowledge into their long term memory, history displays are also used as working walls, meaning knowledge from previous lessons is visible and regularly referred to. Cross-curricular links nurture connections between subjects to consolidate understanding and give all pupils the opportunity to access and retain information. Knowledge mats, which are tailored to each unit and referred to in each lesson, ensure children are clear which facts are most important to their understanding.


Curriculum Impact

Children at Kingsway leave Year 6 ready for secondary school with a broad, rich and coherent understanding of the history of Great Britain and the wider world, having systematically and creatively developed their methods of historical enquiry and knowledge with us. Our carefully planned, enquiry based, cross-curricular and real life approach to learning allows disadvantaged pupils and those with SEND to close gaps in knowledge and experience, leaving with cultural capital on par with their peers.


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