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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.


Welcome to the Governors' page


The Governing Board of Kingsway Junior School is made up of parents and members of the community.  

Together with staff representatives, we are accountable for the educational and financial performance of the school.  We support the Headteacher and staff across the range of their responsibilities, working in the best interests of the pupils in our care.  


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Our Chair of Governors is: Nicola Santamaria

Governing Body 2022-2023

Governor Link Visits


As a Governing Body, we have a responsibility to monitor and evaluate the progress of our school. This means that we need to keep ourselves informed about things that are happening in school, and how the school is developing its provision for all pupils. The way we manage this at Kingsway Junior School is to delegate responsibility for specific areas to individual link governors. The link governors regularly meet school leaders to find out how the school is progressing in each area and then reports back to the governing body or a committee.

Governors statement of behaviour principles

Under the Education and Inspections Act, 2006, the governing body is mandated with providing a written statement of general principles relating to behaviour and discipline, taking into account the needs of all pupils.

The purpose of this statement is to give guidance to the Headteacher in drawing up the Behaviour policy by stating the principles which governors expect to be followed. The statement is available upon request from the school and can be found on the school’s website.


Governor Attendance at Meetings 2022-23


 October 22November 2022January 2023May 2023July 2023
Jo Beale (Head)PresentPresentPresent  
Laura MartinPresent PresentPresent  
Tina Knowles PresentPresent  
Nicola Santamaria (Chair)PresentPresentPresent  
Phillippa Munns ApologiesPresentPresent  
Paula Colling Present PresentPresent  
Laura James Apologies Presentapologies  
Zoe Brunt (Vice Chair)Present PresentPresent  
Joan Holyoak ApologiesresignedRRR
Jennifer CannonPresent PresentPresent  
Becky SiegelPresent PresentPresent  

Governor attendance at meetings 2021-22

 September 2021 November 2021January 2022March 2022May 2022 
Jo Beale (Head)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent 
Christy JohnsonPresent PresentPresentPresentLeave 
Sarah Alexander Present ApologiesPresentPresentPresent 
Nicola Santamaria (Chair)PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent 
Phillippa Munns (Vice Chair)Present Apologies PresentApologies Present 
Paula Colling Present PresentPresentPresentPresent 
Laura James Apologies PresentPresentApologies Apologies 
Zoe Brunt Apologies PresentPresentPresentApologies 
Joan Holyoak PresentPresentApologiesPresent Present 
Jennifer CannonPresent PresentPresentPresentPresent 
Becky SiegelPresent ApologiesPresentPresentPresent 


Governor Attendance 2020-2021

  September 20-virtually November 20-virtuallyJanuary 21- virtually March 21- virtually May 21 - Virtually July 21 - Virtually Stepped down?
Jo Beale Present PresentPresentPresent Present Present  
Christy Johnson Present PresentPresentPresentPresentPresent  
Laura MartinPresentPresentApologiesPresent PresentApologies July 2021
Nicola Santamaria (chair)PresentPresentPresentPresent Present Present  
Helena Warren PresentPresentApologiesApologies   May 2021
Peter Wiles  PresentPresentPresentPresent PresentPresent July 2021
Paula CollingPresent PresentPresentPresent PresentPresent  
Kelly Yates PresentPresentPresentApologiesPresentApologies Sept 2021
Melanie RimellApologies PresentApologiesApologiesResigned May 2021
Zoe Brunt PresentPresentPresentPresent PresentApologies  
Jussie Kaur Apologies Apologies Resigned   Nov 2020
Phillippa Munns  Present Apologies Apologies Present 
Laura James     Present Present  


We are developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.