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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.
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Developing Confident, Enthusiastic and Happy Learners.

Art and Design

Children study Art and Design throughout every year at Kingsway Junior, where they have the opportunity to develop skills in 2D and 3D work. In addition they have the opportunity to use a wide variety of material, techniques and processes. They create sketchbooks to record and develop their skills, and have opportunities to showcase their work on displays around the building.

Art and Design is also linked cross curricula to other subjects such as Literacy and History, as well as giving our children the chance to study Artists from a variety of periods in History and from many different cultures from around the world. As a school we also participate in the National Gallery’s Take One picture project every year, which we also link to our studies in the wider curriculum and school events such as ‘Feeling Good week’.


Our children have the opportunity to self-analyse and reflect of their work, setting targets for improvement and discussing their work to gain feedback.


In Year 3 our children cover drawing techniques, beginning their year with a portraiture project. They learn to observe from life and focus on the accuracy of their pencil work and varied tones created in realistic portraiture. Children study the work of Picasso and Opie, where they analyse paintings against the formal elements of Art. They produce an abstracted portrait, and begin to consider their colour theory and choices using colouring pencils. They also have the change for 3D work in creating their model Stone Age houses, where they select, design and produce their 3D model. Children have discussions about technique, materials and what they can use in their work to create the desired textures.


Our children in Year 4 extend their drawing skills to producing silhouettes to go on their collaged Greek Pot designs. They take inspiration from their Literacy lessons and the stories they are studying. In addition our children have the chance to work with Clay creating their own pots inspired from their historical observations. Children study images of Greek Vases to see these historical Artworks to gain inspiration. In year 4 children consider patter and repeat in response to their Greek based work, this gives design opportunities for them and a greater level of technical challenge.


Year 5 brings further chance for children to explore colour mixing with the paints, and explore and respond to the work of Hundertwasser. They also produce Artwork in this year linked to Black History Month, and a significant Artist, this year we have studied El Anatsui. In year 5 children experiment with papier mache, and create a 3D model solar system to support their learning in Science. Again this brings the chance to explore colour mixing and painting further. This challenges the children to create the structure, size, shape and texture of the planets before then considering paint, technique and application. Year five also have the opportunity to explore painting and study additional Artists such as Van Gogh. As well as this explore the use of chalk and pastels in observational record, ensuring accuracy in recording using this new Media.


Our Year 6 children study War Art linked to their Literacy and History. They cover topics such as Trench Art, War Posters, War poster cards and creating their own contemporary responses to these themes. This encourages and deeper and greater level of critical thinking and design process. Children have the opportunity to use a wide range of material and media. They study historical and contemporary War Artists, such as Paul Nash, John Nash and the current War Artists currently being commissioned from the Imperial War Museum which they visit in year group. Year 6 children also participate in a series of drawing workshops to expand they competence in line, shape, tone and dimensions.




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